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Proper Makeup Application Tips


Could you guide me on using make up in a proper manner?

Makeup is an art and one has to remember a few basic rules while using make up. It is said that where make up is concerned, ‘less is more’. One should not overdo it. The first step is choice of foundation. You must choose a foundation to match the tone of your skin. This would give your skin a smooth and flawless look. Apply the foundation with the applicator so as to avoid smudging. Dust lightly with loose powder, which again should be close to the skin tone. The next step to use an eye shadow, which should be selected according to the colour of your dress, occasion and time of the day. Eye shadows are available in cream, liquid, powder and pencil form. Apply the shadow with a brush. Blend it over the lid and away the edges at the outer corner of your eyes.

Application of eyeliner comes next. Eye liner should be applied close to the eyelid and not exaggerated too much. Follow the natural lines of the eye contour and emphasize them very subtly.  Mascara makes the lashes look thick and long. Apply the mascara with care so that it does not smudge.

For lips, use the lip brush to apply the lipstick. Draw the outline before you fill in the colour. These days there are lip pencils available to match the lipsticks. They give a neat finish to the lips.

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