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Give yourself an extravagant look by Dying Brown Hair Blonde


Hairs are the prime features for depicting the style and trend of an individual. A slight change in your hair style or color can give you an all new different and extravagant look. There are few colors which always look outstanding and suits most of the people. One such color is Blonde. There are plenty of people all over the world who change their hair color from their natural color to Blonde.

If you have brown hair color and want to transform it to Blonde, there are various methods that you need to follow in order to get the desired shade. Bleaching, dying drying etc, there are several steps involved. However, if you want to avoid salon and cut the cost, you can follow easy and simple steps at your house itself.

Household steps for Dying Brown Hair Blonde

These are the steps you should follow in order to get blonde hair from brown hair.

  1. Bleach your Brown Hair: Bleach the naturally brown hair so that it becomes a bit light and can absorb the color properly.
  2. Apply the Blonde color: apply the blonde color on the brown hair.
  3. Apply conditioner: apply a good conditioner to protect your hair from damaging.

Precautions Dying Brown Hair Blonde

Few precautions and safety measures are to be taken long before going for the coloring. These include:

  • Determination of your skin tone and a suitable blonde shade: If the blonde color tone matches with your skin tone, it will look horrible.
  • Determination of suitability of Blonde color: Apply temporary blonde color to see whether Blonde color suits you or not? If it does, go for a permanent blonde color dye. If it does not. Wait for the temporary hair dye to go off and drop the plan of coloring the hair blonde.

Things you will require for Dying Brown Hair Blonde

  • Temporary hair Dye
  • Permanent hair dye
  • Conditioner
  • Shampoo

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