A Successful Treatment Hidden Beside Chinese Medicine To Eradicate Acne

October 26, 2011 | Category - Beauty Tips 



Acne is flowing within world with a great speed and numbers of people are coming under its influence day by day. Acne in other words is dead skin cells, bacteria and oil plugged enlarged hair follicle. According to the Chinese acne medicine, acne occurs due to the heat in the environmental force. Fei feng fen ci is the typical name given to acne in the Chinese medicine. It is also known as lesion of the lung wind. According to the Chinese medicine, there is close relation between the skin and the lung organ. The skin depends on the lung to get the essential supplies of grains and water. The normal process of respiration can be affected by the skin. The cold and the wind get access to the body through sweat pores.

Acne Categories & Treatment Process:

Acne is categorized into three types by the Chinese acne medicine. The types include, blood heat type, toxic heat type and phlegm accumulation type. If you are facing the problem of acne for a long time and nothing seems to work, go for Chinese acne medicine. The roots and causes of acne are addressed by the Chinese medicine. In short Chinese medicine deals with internal imbalance. The internal organs are healed and the root causes of illness are understood by the Chinese acne medicine. A Chinese medicine doctor needs to be consulted. Your pulse will be measured and your blood will be studied. Then the doctor will give you some Chinese herbs to drink and brew every day. The body is detoxified by the use of these natural herbs. Along with these medications, your entire diet must be adjusted accordingly.


You will be advised about the specific foods which should be consumed or not by the physician. This will be done after your internal system is thoroughly analyzed. Your physical make up is also taken into consideration. One should follow the advice of the physician while consuming Chinese acne medicine.



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