Strong Relationship of Dye Hair and Kool Aid

October 26, 2011 | Category - Hair Care 



The modern era has turned such that people get very less time to take care of their health and diet. The competition and pace of the era has erupted the stress level which ultimately results in many disease including Hair Loss and Hair Graying.  Thanks to various hair Dyes available in the market, Gray Hair is not a problem anymore.

However, Normal and ordinary Hair dye have chemical in them which are very harsh and damager the hair. They do color the hair but on the other hand makes them weak and rough. The chemical also affects the scalp and nourishment supply of the hair follicles.

Kool AID:

Kool Aid is a hair dye that has plenty of advantages over ordinary dye. Kool Aid is available in various colors and flavors and is capable of coloring the hair for a long duration. Kool Aid has numerous advantages. Here are few of them:

1.    Available in various colors and flavors: Kool Aid is available in various colors and flavors. The Kool Aid dye has flavor of various fruits and berries and the after coloring, hair gets the smell of that flavor. Apart from that the colors of kool Aid can be mixed together in order to get some extra colors.

2.    No harmful chemicals:  Kool aid hair dye does not possess any harmful chemicals in it like and other ordinary dyes.

3.    Last For longer duration: Kool Aid hair dye last long for about 2 months.

4.    Effective on Light Hair: Kool Aid hair dye is very effective on light color hairs and thus proves very good on grey hair.

One key precaution that you should not forget at all! You should apply Kool Aid Hair Dye without sweetening properties. Also apply some petroleum jelly in and around ear and forehead so that the color of dye does not get stick there.



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