Workable Medication for Teens To Cope Up With The Severity of Acne

October 26, 2011 | Category - Beauty Tips 



The problem of acne affects about every teenager during their adolescence as there are some physical and internal changes happen in their body, so body reacts in various forms. Sometimes, it comes in a positive way and sometime negative as well. Acne problem is one of them. And this problem can be found almost 90 percent of teenagers at this stage. Still, it is not a big issue as fortunately all the cases of acne can be cured by taking course of medicines or consulting good dermatologist.

Though, there is no specific age for the people to get acne as anyone with any age can be affected by acne problem. But most commonly acne can be found in teenagers. And it is said that acne is a normal part of adolescence as most of the population can be affect with the influence of acne during their adolescence. As at that stage hormone level fluctuates between high sebum production than earlier and it excesses the chance of acne flares. Acne in Teenager is more likely seen among boys rather than girls, reason is their skin produces more sebum than girls. But in adulthood, reversely women get more influenced by acne than men, due to hormonal changes of menstruation, pregnancy and menopause. In addition, people having such history of acne problem also bear this problem automatically.

Way to Aid Up Acne of Teenagers:

As soon as you detect this problem, immediately go and consult your doctor or find out treatment to cure it as early acne can be prevented easily. There are a big range of treatments available but basically the acne specialist or a doctor recommend an acne treatment concerned to the place, severity of acne, history of previous treatment and many more factors .

Some people try some home remedies to cure acne using non-prescription medications like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. But it takes long time to recover the patient and as we already discussed that prolonging this disease result mild acne scars. And mild acne doesn’t work at OTC medicines, so at that condition it is recommended that use a prescribed medication only after consulting with a good doctor.  In this way, coping up with a good doctor is the only way to finish off this problem from root.



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