Natural Wax Hair Removal- Natural way of removing unwanted hair

Unwanted hair has always been a problem for every human on earth. Anyone who wants to look attractive and good doesn’t want hair growing on unwanted places. This is the prime reason why the era has plenty of options and methods to deal with the problem of unwanted hair. These processes involve laser and electrolysis techniques to remove the hair completely off the skin. However these are not the only option to deal with unwanted hair.

One can also opt for natural wax hair removal methods which are not only efficient in removal of hair, but are also side effect free and are simple. The process involves waxing in which the wax is applied to pull off the hair from the area where you don’t want the hair to be. It is one of the most popular and efficient processes used for hair removal.  The other process includes shaving off the hair, tweezing, buffing, sugaring, and threading. All these are natural processes of hair removal. However, in case if anything goes wrong, do not hesitate to take advice from the experts in this field.

Amongst the natural processes, waxing is said to be the most popular and economical method. However, using waxing has some disadvantages in it and that is why it is hard to use at home. The biggest disadvantage of using waxing method is the pain in waxing.

To reduce the pain, you can use various methods like:

Apply ice on the waxing area immediately after waxing.

Apply mint on the waxed area can also help in reduction of inflammation.

Wash the waxed skin with cold chilled water or press the waxed skin with ice after washing.

Pressing the waxed area with hand after waxing also helps in reduction of pain.

November 18, 2012 | Category - Hair Care

Prevent and treat hair loss naturally – Top 4 ways

Hair loss is one of the most common problems in men. It is also seen among women also nowadays.  When one suffer from this type of problem, the hair gets thinner and thinner until it is lost completely. The hair loss takes place in an M shaped pattern and also known as pattern baldness. In males, the androgenic hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) plays a significant role in hair loss. When DHT level increases, it leads to follicular miniaturization which results in the decrease of the width of the hair shaft and thereby thinning the hair continuously.

What are the natural remedies to stop hair loss?

There are few home remedies by which one can prevent hair loss. Some of them are mentioned below.

Using nettle root – nettle root are small plants with a big sting. It blocks the development of the chemicals thereby enlarging the prostate. It also helps in regenerating hair growth.

Applying vitamins – vitamin A is a good antioxidant and it helps in promoting healthy development of sebum in the scalp. Vitamin E helps in stimulating circulation and vitamin B contributes to the formation of melanin thereby giving a healthy color to the hair. It also helps in circulation of the blood.

Treating with garlic juice or ginger juice or onion juice and leaving it out in an overnight helps in preventing hair loss.

By applying two bags of green tea which is brewed in one cup of water for an hour also helps. It contains the necessary antioxidants which helps in preventing hair loss and also promotes hair growth.

You should also try using natural oils like canola, safflower, olive etc. Massage your scalp with slightly warm oil and leave it for at least one hour. Once done, either shampoo or rinse your hair.

November 18, 2012 | Category - Hair Care

Easy and simple ways to color the Color Resistant Gray Hair

Grey hair is something that no one requires or wants to have, but it is also an inevitable thing which happens to everyone. Like aging, grey hair also comes gradually with time. However, unlike aging, grey hairs can be completely colored and thus can be hidden. However some grey hairs get color resistant and do not take any color put on it.

Reasons of Resistant Grey Hairs:

Resistant Grey hairs grow resistant because of the death of pigments in the hair. The color pigments when are absent makes the hair quite tough and absorbs less color. On the other hand the density of gray hairs also plays an important role in making the grey hairs resistant of colors.

Methods of coloring the tough color resistant grey hair:

While you are applying color on your hair, start applying the color in the grey areas first. This is because Grey Hair requires more time to absorb color. Starting with grey hairs will give more time to the grey hairs to absorb the color.

In order to make the grey hair more color absorbing, one can soften the hairs by using peroxide and soap solution. Soft hair will absorb more color and will be less resistant towards colors.

leaving the colors for longer span of time will allow the grey hair to absorb more color and will thereby turn them more into the applied color.

Use a stronger product:

 If your grey hair is not absorbing color properly, don’t think it has become resistant. Rather it is because of the formulation of the hair dye. The hair now requires stronger formulation and if that is supplied to the hair, it will very easily absorb the color. So simple use more stronger product for coloring the color resistant Grey hair.

October 26, 2011 | Category - Hair Care, Hair Products

Strong Relationship of Dye Hair and Kool Aid

The modern era has turned such that people get very less time to take care of their health and diet. The competition and pace of the era has erupted the stress level which ultimately results in many disease including Hair Loss and Hair Graying.  Thanks to various hair Dyes available in the market, Gray Hair is not a problem anymore.

However, Normal and ordinary Hair dye have chemical in them which are very harsh and damager the hair. They do color the hair but on the other hand makes them weak and rough. The chemical also affects the scalp and nourishment supply of the hair follicles.

Kool AID:

Kool Aid is a hair dye that has plenty of advantages over ordinary dye. Kool Aid is available in various colors and flavors and is capable of coloring the hair for a long duration. Kool Aid has numerous advantages. Here are few of them:

1.    Available in various colors and flavors: Kool Aid is available in various colors and flavors. The Kool Aid dye has flavor of various fruits and berries and the after coloring, hair gets the smell of that flavor. Apart from that the colors of kool Aid can be mixed together in order to get some extra colors.

2.    No harmful chemicals:  Kool aid hair dye does not possess any harmful chemicals in it like and other ordinary dyes.

3.    Last For longer duration: Kool Aid hair dye last long for about 2 months.

4.    Effective on Light Hair: Kool Aid hair dye is very effective on light color hairs and thus proves very good on grey hair.

One key precaution that you should not forget at all! You should apply Kool Aid Hair Dye without sweetening properties. Also apply some petroleum jelly in and around ear and forehead so that the color of dye does not get stick there.

October 26, 2011 | Category - Hair Care

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