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What were Fashion Trend of 80s?


1980s fashion history is very distinct and having lot of memories. Hard makeup and many layers of clothes was one of the popular fashions in this era.

Fashion Trend for Women in 80s

  • Shoulder pads-Most of the women wore dress that had shoulder pad for giving look of big shoulder. It got very high popularity in fashion world.
  • Leggings and leg warmers-Women wore it along with skirts or fishnet which gives outstanding look.
  • Skirts-Mini skirts again came into focus after 1970s and it becomes major option for business suit.
  • Shawls-It is one of the most important accessories of that time. Females were worn it during day time as well as night time.
  • Jewelry-Pearls, gold, circle earrings, and bracelets having gold charms were popular jewelry in 80s.
  • Hair-Sleekly straight long colored hair known as punk hair was popular in 80s. Hair gel was excessively used for hairstyle.
  • Bags-In early 80s clutch handbags with lots of different colors and with matching shoes were used widely. Chanel bags or Louis Vuitton luggage was also popular.
  • Footwear-Dr. Martens shoes were used by both male and female. Jellies sandals were also famous.

Fashion trend for men in 80s

  • Hawaiian shirts-Hawaiian shirts became popular in late 80s. Most of the time colors of Hawaiian shirts were gray and white and wore during both casual as well as business time. Neckties become narrower and button down collars again got focus.
  • Leather jackets-Large sized with puffy sleeves were famous in men’s. Plain brown aviator jackets got popularity at late 80s.
  • Earrings-Earrings were worn by most of teenager males.
  • Jeans-Acid washed or stonewash jeans and ripped Jeans were popular in both male and female.

Fashion Icons and Designers of 1980s

Brand names such as Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein arise in this era only. Madonna becomes fashion icon for many young girls. Vivienne Westwood designed dresses particularly for bands. Romantic look was given by designer such as Colin Swift, Stevie Stewart, Vivienne Westwood and David Holah. Television soap serials such as Dynasty and Dallas played major role influencing fashion trend in 80s.

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