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Hair attracts people's attention. By studying a woman's hairstyle, it is possible to gauge her personality, salary bracket, health, profession, place in society and more. This is quite a feat when you consider what hair is: stringy material comprised of dead protein cells whose purpose is to protect our scalps from environmental elements, such as the sun.

Hair Care

Hair Scalp - For a dandruff free scalp, oil your hair in the night and then shampoo the next morning with a anti-dandruff shampoo. This routine should be followed every alternate day.
Normal Hair
Dry Hair

Beautiful hair is healthy, strong and luxurious. This section examines what hair is, hot it grows and the best way to care for it. From there, we move step by instructive step through choosing hairstyle, the pros and cons of color, perms and straighteners and styling advice. Keep reading and soon all your days will be "good hair days".

Some Facts about Hair which is helpful in Hair Care

How much hair does a human being have on his head?
An average adult head has around 1, 20,000 to 1, 50,000 hairs, depending on genetic and health conditions.

What is the average rate of growth of human hair?
Hair grows approximately by 1.24 cm every month.

What is the growth period of our hair?
Our hair grows for about 1000 days and rests for 100 days.

What is the average life span of a strand of hair?
The average life span of a strand of hair is about 5 years. After that the hair follicles begin to shrink and the hair remains static until it falls off or is brushed out.

What then, is the cause for thinning of hair?   
Thinning of hair is caused due to non replacement of the fallen hair. This could happen when new hair does not form in the hair follicle. This again could be caused due to inadequate blood supply to the scalp, glandular or hormonal changes, bad health or stress.

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Hair Care

Hair Scalp
Normal Hair
Dry Hair
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