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Ribbon Bow | Tips to get Ribbon Bow


Hair bows to be worn in little girl's hair, are easy to make with these simple step-by-step instructions. You can add extra loops to make the bows larger and fuller. Or you may wish to cut back on the number of loops in the bows to make them simple but still elegant.

How to make a Ribbon bow - How to tie a ribbon bow

Essentially all you need to do is keep looping the ribbon back and forth while scrunching it under your thumb until you have as many loops as you want.

Then you take another piece of ribbon and tie it off around the center of your loops.

  • Make a loop over your thumb. This will be the center.
  • Pinch the ribbon and twist it counterclockwise between your fingers and thumb. The ribbon should be right side out.
  • Work from top to bottom, making equal-size loops in the ribbon that return each time to the center.
  • Pinch and twist each loop under the original center loop and hold the stack with your thumb. Again, the pattern on the ribbon should be facing out.
  • Extend the tail of ribbon out the other side with each loop.
  • Keep making loops until you have a bow the size you want.
  • Twist a piece of wire around the center and wind it around tightly a few times.
  • Twist the ends of the wire together behind the bow, and leave enough so that you can use it to attach the bow to an object.
  • Fluff up the loops and now you have learned how to make a bow.

What are the Different Types of Ribbon Hair Bows for Baby Girls?

Hair bows can be made of grosgrain or silk ribbon, taffeta, tulle, velvet, organza, or marabou.

  • Hand-tied Bow Technique
  • Bowdabra Technique
  • Tuxedo bow
  • Pinwheel bow
  • Plain hair bows
  • Fancy hair bows

You can also try either larger or smaller width ribbon for even more variations.

Hair Bows and Accessories

  • Hair barrette or comb
  • Two different colors of satin ribbon
  • Glue
  • Straight pins

Ribbon Bow Hair Clip

This cute hair clip is made with a fancy ribbon and is tied in a double bow. The ends are heat treated to prevent fraying. It is attached to a single prong alligator clip.

Hair advice while using Ribbon Bow

If your hair is down to your shoulders, comb it up and arrange it in a French twist, fastening it on top with a fancy comb or a ribbon bow.

1963 redhead bow hairstyle

Red hair was set on large rollers for movement and volume and one side pulled off the face and held in place with a ribbon

Perfect Picture for Ribbon Bows

Ribbon Bow Hair Clip

Ribbon Bow Hair Clip

Curling Ribbon Bow



Stepf for ribbon bow hairstyling

ribbon bow hairstyling

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