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Pantene was made in 1947 by Swiss drug manufacture Hoffman- laroche. This is first and foremost European shampoo company and it still going on strong. In 1983 by Richardson-Vicks. These are long- drawn-out Pantene’s coverage to added United States and Canada. Pantene are present in extensive variety of basis from drugstores and reductions amass from various shops. The more thespian in hair product industry is carry on in Pantene.

Pantene is present in all ethnic set this is product for everybody. The hair difficulty determination by using hairstyling Pantene shampoo, products conditioners and some item for consumers.

Some pantene hair products

Following are some pantene hair products:

  • Smooth and Sleek
  • Color Revival
  • Hydrating Curls
  • Classic Care
  • Full and Thick
  • Pantene Pro-V Expression
  • Daily Moisture Renewal
  • Relaxed and Natural
  • Extra Liso
  • Sheer Volume

Some types of Pantene hair product

Following are some types of Pantene hair products:

  • Pantene commercial with Maria Menounos.
  • German language Pantene Pro-V commercial.
  • Chinese Pantene hair care commercial with Vivian Chow.
  • Mexican TV commercial with Lidia Avila.
  • Melanie Jade with beautiful silky hair.

Some Pantene hair care and hair styling tips

Following are some hair care and hair styling tips:

  • Color Revival- Select Pantene color Revival line when your hair is dyed and highlighted hair.
  • Pro-V Expression- Pantene is popular in its Pro-V line. They are supported with smooth, shiny hair that you saw.
  • Daily Moisture Renewal- Some people are problem for hair dry then use Pantene’s line of Daily Moisture Renewal products which is helpful for us.
  • Sheer Volume- To come out from hair looks limb and dull problem use Pantene’s Sheer Volume line and your hair looks shiner.
  • Full and Thick- Consistency want in hair more in women and come out from slim look hair use full and thick hair product of Pantene.
  • Hydrating Curls- Your hair should make curl moisturized it may be look and unfeasible. Your have pain from dry curly hair then Hydrating Curls is useful to run in regular life.

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