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Laser hair removal technique is very expensive method than other method butit provides permanent solution. The price of laser hair removal varies greatly according the uniqueness of each person and it may also varies by geographic area, and practitioner. the session of the treatment is also suggest the price of laser hair removal treatment. Following are the fctors on which the cost of this treatment is depends.

Laser hair removal pricing structures can different from clinic to clinic, but frequently the variety of quotation marks for laser hair removal pricing will be the same or similar in the end.

The cost of this technique is different in the different region which is shown in the table below-

Pricing Chart
Region Average Cost for 1 treatment

Cost of the laser hair removal according to the areaof the body-

Average Cost for 1 treatment
Bikini $350 to $500
Back Hair $600 to $900
Lower Legs $600 to $850
Upper Legs $600 to $850
Arms $350 to $500
Chest $350 to $600
Under Arms $250 to $350
Face & Neck $600 to $900

For the majority of people, laser hair removal opens the door to a new world of carefree swimsuit wearing. Paying slightly higher hair removal costs is a good idea if it gives you the desired results.

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